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Pan-Africa Solidarity for the People of Africa

The New African Peace Movement, organized with the Solano Peace, Justice & Freedom Coalition [], stands for the People of Alkebulan (Africa) against the ongoing genocide being coordinated by the European and Arabic plutocracy and trans-national capitalism.
A revolution has started, the great & powerful young minds of Africa are starting to speak for Justice, Peace, Education and Sustainable Development.
We demand liberation for our People, and we will win!

In order to secure the resources of Alkeulan (Africa) for its use, the monopolized holding companies are conducting a program for the centralization of control, including coordinating the military operations of the "Trilateral Axis", an Alliance of the USA, the British (Empire) Commonwealth, and Israel working to stop any threat to their monopolized economic dictatorship, especially against their rivals in the "Shanghai Axis" [link], in a war against China [link].
* NATO, directed by the USA and including the militaries of the European Union, is coordinating a conquest of Africa [link]
* USA Federal AFRICOM [link] is using starvation as a weapon of war [link] and sustaining brutal military dictatorships [link]: “Africa is the battlefield of tomorrow, today.  Africa is to be dominated by military means. They are creating African militaries that cannot operate without the assistance of the Americans. The Americans are blatantly using food as a political weapon. The Americans cannot win in any conventional military sense, so they resort to a war of starvation.
* AFRICOM sustains brutal dictatorships over the People of Alkebulan [link]
* AFRICOM and the kleptocratic governments of western Alkebulan [link]
* AFRICOM clandestinely includes African allies who recruit child soldiers [link]
* USA & Israel in Kenya targeting militants [link].
* Business Practices of the British (Empire) Commonwealth in the Alkebulan [link]
* USA CIA's African Rendition Network [link]
* USA & EU, through the G8 conference, pledges to economically colonize Africa (2014-02) [link]
* USA charter corporations using AFRICOM to protect future market investments [link]
* USA IT Corporations blanketing Africa with the internet [link], Africa covered by Internet satellites owned by EU-associate Turkey [link].
* USA charter Energy Extraction companies compete against China's Energy Enterprise (2014-05) [link]
* USA Dept. of State sends John Kerry to Angola to announce full support to energy extraction operations by USA charter companies (2014-05) [link]
* $16 billion into Africa by EU France charter energy company Total (2014) [link]
* EU France military role in Africa is valued by USA war planners [link]
* USA AFRICOM and CIA use aerial drones to assassinate and conduct war [link]
* "The Military Market for Africa" (2014, USA) [link]

Arab supremacists and plutocrats dominate many African nations.
** Arab supremacists use the word "Nigger" casually in mass media [link]

News and information about the imperialist operations within the jurisdictions of:
* Central African Republic [link]
* South Sudan [link]
* USA and Israel implicated in covert campaign to disrupt Sudan [link]; An analysis of Sudan's warcrimes against the Nuba people (2012) [link]
* Republic of Mali [link]
* Jurisdiction of Somalia [link]
* USA engaging in human trafficking across Eritrea and the Somali homeland [link]
Swaziland and AFRICOM [link]
* AFRICOM conducts operations against Caliphate vanguard Boko Haram in Nigeria (2014) [link]
* EU France invades jurisdiction of the Central African Republic (2014) [link]; "Central African Republic: Foreign Intervention, 'Manipulation of a Resource Rich Area' and Genocide" [link]; "Central African Republic: Another Western Backed Coup d’Etat" (2013) [link]
* EU France invades the jurisdiction of Mali (2012) [link]

During 2011, the EU & USA attacked their competitor, the Jamahiriya alliance with the African Union, who were economically emancipating the nations of Africa with publicly owned banks and utilities.
The Jamahiriya's ideology can be best summed up by this quote from Muammar Gaddafi: "It is an indisputable fact that direct democracy is the only ideal form that is practical."
** USA's billion dollar role in attacking the Jamahiriya of Libya throughout 2011 [link]
** Goldman Sachs coordinated economic warfare against Jamahiriya of Libya [link]
** EU Italy trains military in Libya, a former colony of Italy (2014) [link]

WASHINGTON, D.C. - General William E. Ward, commander of U.S. Africa Command, testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee, March 9, 2010, as part of an annual requirement for regional military commanders. During his testimony, Ward provided an overview of the strategic environment in Africa, explained the command's strategic approach, and showed how security cooperation efforts promote stability in support of U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives. (U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee screen shot)

Economic zones protected by the Trilateral Alliance:
* Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)
* East African Community [link]
* Southern African Customs Union (SACU)
* West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA)

More information:
** "Black Agenda Report" []
** "Association of Concerned Africa Scholars" [], Analysis and Action on Policies Impacting Africa
** "Pan-African News Wire" [] [], The world's only international daily Pan-African News source, edited by Abayomi Azikiwe, seen here addressing an African American History Month forum in Detroit on February 28, 2009, photo by Cheryl LaBash for Pan-African News Wire:

** "December 12th Movement International Secretariat" [456 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11216] [718-398-1766] [], who organize educational forums and public gatherings for Pan-African Peace & Liberation, including the Pan African Unity Rally & March, held 2013-03-23 in Harlem, NYC, against NATO, French, & U.S. Bombing and Occupation; International Criminal Court Kidnapping of African Leaders; UN Troops Out of Haiti; Police Murder & Abuse in U.S.; Illegal Economic Sanctions.
December 12th Movement has petitioned the ICC to bring NATO to trial (2012-07) [link]

** "Africa Daily", a news aggregator of mainstream newswire dispatches about Africa []

Human Rights and Social Justice networks in the USA:
* "Coalition for Change in the Gambia, End dictatorship now'" [] [] []
* "Democratic Union of Gambian Activists" [link]

Heed the call...
"Survey Reveals Deeper Penetration of AFRICOM on the Continent; TomDispatch tracks where the Pentagon is moving in Africa"
2013-09-10 by Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor, Pan-African News Wire []:
A recent study conducted by Nick Turse of on the increasing role of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) illustrates why this issue should become a major focus of the peace, anti-war and anti-imperialist movements in the West. With the withdrawal of Pentagon ground forces from Iraq and the scaling-down of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, there has been very little attention paid to developments involving interventions by the imperialist states in the oppressed nations.
Although there have been significant demonstrations around the U.S. against the war threats aimed at Syria, these latest machinations by the White House and the French government of Francois Hollande should not be the sole focus of the anti-war movement. The degree to which the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) has engaged in acts of subversion and military intrigue in Africa must at some point force the movement to break out of its myopic preoccupation with events that grab the headlines within the corporate media outlets.
If these trends in Africa are presented in an organized and cohesive fashion, there could be an upsurge in interests related to events on the continent. A panel discussion put together by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) at the Left Forum in New York City in early June, attracted a standing-room-only audience.
Issues related to the Obama administration and its allies’ interventions in Africa should have been the subject of a plenary session at the Left Forum. The panel entitled “The War on Africa” and its success illustrates that there is growing interests in these aspects of imperialism and its strategic outlook for areas outside the so-called Middle East.
Even though President Obama is of African descent, his policies toward the continent have continued and even intensified Western efforts to dominate the continent which has been subjected to nearly six centuries of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism. With the People’s Republic of China playing a greater role in Africa through trade relations and strategic partnerships, the ruling class within the U.S. is scrambling to edge out Beijing by increasing its military and intelligence presence.
The bombing of Libya by the Pentagon and NATO for seven straight months in 2011, demonstrated clearly the extent to which imperialism is willing to go in order to overthrow and remake states. Since the fall of the Gaddafi government and the Jamahiriya system, Libya has been plunged into economic distress and political chaos.
Drone stations are being constructed throughout the Horn of Africa and in Niger while the U.S. subsidizes the maintenance of a 17,500-person military force in Somalia. Somalia is now the focus of oil exploration and exploitation along with other states along the coast of East Africa.

TomDispatch’s Findings -
Nick Turse begins his review of the Pentagon’s increasing intervention in Africa saying “They’re involved in Algeria and Angola, Benin and Botswana, Burkina Faso and Burundi, Cameroon and the Cape Verde Islands. And that’s just the ABCs of the situation.”
He goes on to stress that all you need to do is “Skip to the end of the alphabet and the story remains the same: Senegal and the Seychelles, Togo and Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia. From north to south, east to west, the Horn of Africa to the Sahel, the heart of the continent to the islands off its coasts, the U.S. military is at work."
Turse goes on to track the activities of the Pentagon through its joint military exercises with various African states, the construction of military bases within these states, the so-called training exercises carried out by the U.S. defense department involving African militaries, the construction and expansion of the Camp Lemonier base in the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti and the utilization of drone technology to both monitor events as well as engage in offensive strikes against targeted individuals and organizations.
Another important aspect of the escalating Pentagon presence in Africa is the existence of AFRICOM-related bases of operation outside the continent. Located mainly in European countries and islands under their control, the presence of these facilities should also be of concern to Left and anti-war forces on that continent which was the forerunner of intervention prior to the birth of its offspring in North America.
Turse notes that “When considering the scope and rapid expansion of U.S. military activities in Africa, it’s important to keep in mind that certain key ‘African’ bases are actually located off the continent. Keeping a semblance of a ‘light footprint’ there, AFRICOM’s headquarters is located at Kelley Barracks in Stuttgart-Moehringen, Germany.”
He goes on saying “In June, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that the base in Stuttgart and the U.S. Air Force’s Air Operations Center in Ramstein were both integral to drone operations in Africa. Key logistics support hubs for AFRICOM are located in Rota, Spain; Aruba in the Lesser Antilles; and Souda Bay, Greece, as well as at Ramstein. The command also maintains a forward operating site on Britain’s Ascension Island, located about 1,000 miles off the coast of Africa in the South Atlantic, but refused requests for further information about its role in operations.”

The Need for a Response by the Anti-Imperialist Forces -
These findings should provide the basis for a more concentrated effort related to the growing Pentagon as well as CIA presence in Africa. The organization of a clear anti-imperialist response to these developments would serve to encourage and motivate revolutionary organizations and movements in Africa that could lead to alliances between progressive forces in the West and those on the continent.
There should be the establishment of study groups to review the history and current events related to imperialist militarism. Task forces need to be set up where military training facilities and corporations directly involved in these events in Africa could be targeted for protests and boycotts.
Positions papers, pamphlets, books and web pages should be developed to provide concrete information about these trends. These resources can serve as the basis for reaching greater numbers of people both in the imperialist states and those in Africa and other regions of the world.

* "U.S. Africa Command Debates TomDispatch" (2012-07-26) by Nick Turse []
* "The Terror Diaspora; The U.S. Military and the Unraveling of Africa" (2013-06-08) by Nick Turse []
* "The Pivot to Africa: The Startling Size, Scope, and Growth of U.S. Military Operations on the African Continent" (2013-09-05) [link]
* "Washington’s Back-to-the-Future Military Policies in Africa: America’s New Model for Expeditionary Warfare" (2014-03-13) []
* "U.S. Military Averaging More Than a Mission a Day in Africa; Documents Reveal Blinding Pace of Ops in 2013, More of the Same for 2014" (2014-03-27) by Nick Turse []
* "AFRICOM Goes to War on the Sly: U.S. Officials Talk Candidly (Just Not to Reporters) about Bases, Winning Hearts and Minds, and the “War” in Africa" (2014-04-13) by Nick Turse [link]

* "War on ‘terror’: Africom, the kleptocratic state and under-class militancy in West Africa-Nigeria" by Caroline Ifeka, published in the CONCERNED AFRICA SCHOLARS BULLETIN N°85 - SPRING 2010 []

"We were indebted by Europe for fifty sixty, almost seventy years" --Thomas Sankara.
Thomas Sankara protested the fact that Europeans wanted Africans to continue to pay debts after the gained "independence" from European powers. The charismatic President of Burkina Faso was unapologetically African. Sankara's logic was that Africans were not in control of their own resources when these debts were created, Europeans were so why should we pay debt to Europeans when they have done nothing but profit off of us? This financial enslavement of African nations still goes on today.It keeps Africans poor.
Sankara's ideas influenced many people this is the reason why France conspired to have him assassinated.

'Raw Materials, Raw Deal' campaign materials for COMHLAMH, created by Edward McMullin [link]: