Saturday, February 15, 2014

Africa covered by Internet satellites owned by EU-associate Turkey

"Turkey launches satellite to increase Internet speed"
2014-02-15 from "UPI" []:
Ankara, Turkey -
Turkish authorities say the launch of a Turksat-4A Turkish communications satellite demonstrates the country's commitment to fast Internet service.
A Russia-built rocket carrying the satellite was launched from Kazakhstan Friday night, RIA Novosti reported.
The launch comes after the Turkish parliament passed a bill that would allow the government to shut down websites without court orders.
Turkish Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan said Turksat-4A -- the fifth satellite launched recently by Turkey -- is meant to increase internet speed in Turkey to 50 megabytes.
The launch "clearly demonstrates how important the internet is for the Turkish government," Elvan said.
Elvan said all of Africa will be covered by the Turksat-4A and the Turksat-4B will be launched this year.

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