Saturday, September 29, 2012

USA engaging in human trafficking across Eritrea and the Somali homeland within the Horn of Alkebulan (Africa)

"Eritrea: Obama Admits PIA’s Charge of CIA Human Trafficking"
2012-09-29 by Sam B. for "Natna" []:

Reuters after interviewing President Isaias Afwerki in 2008 run its story with a headline reading, “Eritrean leader blames CIA plot for youth exodus”.
The Reuters report went on: “Eritrea accused the CIA and other Western agencies on Tuesday of luring young people away from the Red Sea state in a plot to weaken a nation seen as a threat to U.S. interests in the region.”
“It’s an orchestrated, organized operation financed by the CIA,” President Isaias Afwerki told Reuters. President Isaias added; “We have evidence. We know what’s going on in terms of….. tempting people, trying to facilitate them to cross the border.”
Moreover President Isaias clearly stated: “UNHCR is getting involved, CIA station officers in the region, some embassies are involved. They want young Eritreans to flee this country.”
The story Reuters run and subsequent stories run by others (including many US institutions and their partners) insinuated or outright claimed that President Isaias’ accusation was outlandish.
But thankfully, President Obama, no less than the President of United States himself, has corroborated President Isaias Afwerki’s allegation. Although Obama’s was attempting for a cheap shot, he nevertheless ended up doing a great service to President Isaias by giving his words the great reliability and weight they always deserved, that his detractors and CIA minions where trying to deny.
President Barack Obama in his speech to Clinton Global Initiative stated: “I recently renewed sanctions on some of the worst abusers, including North Korea and Eritrea.  We’re partnering with groups that help women and children escape from the grip of their abusers.  We’re helping other countries step up their own efforts.  And we’re seeing results.  More nations have passed and more are enforcing modern anti-trafficking laws.”
“We’re partnering with groups that help women and children escape” from these countries Obama said. Dress this however you like, but there is no escaping the fact, just as President Isaias Afwerki told it few years prior, that an operation “orchestrated, organized operation financed by the CIA,” is “tempting people, trying to facilitate them to cross the border.”
This is of course the exact act of human trafficking, that Obama was supposedly denouncing, but ended up admitting to. Although this illegal trafficking should be condemned and subject to international law, nevertheless no one will charge the head of the empire for it. Might, in the end, in this world, is indeed, Right.
Still, this is only part of the whole story.  On top of Obama admitting publicly that the US is involved in human trafficking in Eritrea, Wikileaks has also revealed the extent of US targeting of the Eritrean youth. It is a pity that supposedly such great nation, the US, is entangled in these petty endeavours, to destabilise a nation it considers small and poor. Perhaps this is what Suzan Rice has helped reduce this presidency and state to.