Monday, January 20, 2014

"Central African Republic: Foreign Intervention, 'Manipulation of a Resource Rich Area' and Genocide"

2014-01-20 by John Bart Gerald for "" []:
John Ging, operations director for the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, warns of an escalation of violence that risks a genocide. He notes 2.6 million people need humanitarian assistance.
With nearly a million people suddenly internally displaced, and an extreme shortage of seeds, farmers are not prepared to plant; disastrous food shortages are inevitable. Because both Christian and Muslim groups are at risk, the genocide warning, noted for the national group Nov. 8, 2013, is repeated.
The possibility of genocide has occurred suddenly amid ethnic groups, tribal and religious groups accustomed to co-existence. This suggests manipulation of a resource rich area to the eventual benefit of those who will profit. The hatred and violence seem centred in small (tactical ?) groups. Global news services make no effort to identify the presence of international corporations, what countries protect them, what they stand to profit, their current response to the chaos.
No attempt is made to identify mechanisms of destabilization brought into play by Séléka’s political takeover, in a country where changes of government by military force historically occur without widespread disruption. There is an echo here of what we’ve seen before, as genocidal fighting within the national group requires outside intervention, in a formula for peoples and countries to be taken over by international resource interests. This problem has to be addressed before it starts.  Previous.

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