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USA and Israel implicated in covert campaign to disrupt Sudan

"Israel, US do not want united Sudan: Short"2014-01-06 []:
Press TV has conducted an interview with Randy Short, with the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization, from Washington, about the ongoing deadly violence in South Sudan.
What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Tell us about the situation that is taking place in South Sudan; is it likely that holding these talks is actually going help solve this problem? How do you see overall what is going on?

Short: The United States has created another directional colony, like you have South Korea and South Vietnam and now you have South Sudan. They have tried to destroy the Sudanese state; John Garang, leader of the SPLM [Sudan People's Liberation Movement] died in the circumstances, while I believe he was assassinated, which allowed South Sudan to even come into being; they put in the vice president, Reik Machar,s who is a mass killer as vice president, a person known for killing women and children to his forces.
You have nine of ten provinces of South Sudan [involved in] armed insurgencies before this fighting started; it is a fraud, it is a failure and if you have got the Dinka and Nuer, who were divided by the racist, colonial policies of Great Britain that pivoted people against each other, I do not think it is a workable model, I do hope the best peace, but there is supposed to be one Sudan; and Israel and the United States do not want it.
There are also other conflicts like the Nuba, where there are a lot of victims of genocide and you have got the conflicts in the area, in Congo and Uganda and Kenya on the brink. So, it shows the stupid, violent, international policy of the United States leading to piles of black bodies, just like it does domestically with its African American people.

Press TV: Ok, just one final question with the situation. Is there anything that have come out of these talks that have been held in Addis Ababa?

Randy: Sure, there can be a fragile peace but like I said, if Machar, a mass killer who fought against on both sides of the war and also was involved in the genocide of Dinka 1991... how can he be a trusted power broker? And this is the fraud that the United States has imposed on a country that should not exist without having a whole out of infrastructure, more preparation, which means it should be one Sudan versus a Balkanized Sudan.

"Sudan strife due to US, Israel ‘dirty hands’: Lendman" 
2014-01-13 []:
Press TV has conducted an interview with Stephen Lendman, author and radio host, Chicago about the issue of violence in South Sudan after the splitting of Sudan by Western powers.
The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: The situation is getting very, very tough in South Sudan. Interestingly enough because we know it’s a newly-formed country and it broke off from Sudan, but so many of the refugees are actually going to Sudan seeking refuge right now.
Tell me about the situation that’s going on in the country in your perspective. Is it a power play? Are there other entities behind this or how do you see what’s going on, on the ground there?

Lendman: Of course in all of these conflicts civilians always are the ones who suffer the most. It’s happening in South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Syria, one country after another.
I must say in the case of Sudan until July 2011 it was one country; it was the largest country in Africa. And Washington’s and Israel’s dirty hands were behind the Balkanization of the country, splitting it into two pieces. The oil-rich part of the country in the south controlled by Salva Kiir – a US ally, George Bush was very close to Kiir and I think Obama is as well.
Really, it’s a deplorable situation when the country never should have been divided in the first place; it was a civil war that preceded it for so many years. And again the dirty hands of Washington and Israel are behind so much of this and that certainly is the case in South Sudan.

Press TV: We see this time and time again that resource areas of many of these countries that have the most resources are basically, if you want to say, colonized or taken over in some way. In this situation it was the creation of South Sudan; in another place it might be basically giving one area autonomy from a country.
What will it take basically for these various countries to be able to have control over their own resources because basically we’re talking about Sudan itself that of course was a part of not so long ago?  

Lendman: Indeed. That is so important. I’m old enough to remember after World War II so many of the colonized countries became independent. Did they really become independent? They did not become independent. They went from colonialism to neo-colonialism and brutal exploitation that is every bit as vicious and illegal and violent today as it ever was in the bad old days.
And it’s one country after another: In the Middle East, in Africa. I guess as a continent, Africa may be the most exploited continent and the people are suffering so much from violence and poverty and the rest of it.
In the Western countries, the NATO countries; Israel [is] very much involved. And always Washington, the key country the key belligerent in the region and all over the world [is] causing this sort of human misery.
What will it take to end it? The only thing I see is spreading enough truth to get enough people upset enough to absolutely demand change. In America a poll shows over 80 percent of Americans opposed the Afghan war, much greater than ever it was the anti-war sentiment at the height of the Vietnam war. But what’s happening? Nothing. Nothing is happening....      

Press TV: I just want to look at this aspect of it. You talked about the African continent as probably the most exploited of all the continents. What is your take on it? If we look at as you said since World War II we see so many of these created states, created lines of demarcation between countries and then all of a sudden we see these battles, these clashes, conflicts, wars coming up.
A lot of times people do not understand the history and that these demarcations were unofficially made in order to bring about this conflict. Your take?

Lendman: Yes indeed.
I would say categorically that the main reason for these conflicts is the dirty Western hands and Israel’s hands. If the manipulation didn’t go on for control of resources and regional dominance I think most of these conflicts either wouldn’t happen or they’d be much smaller ones.
The devastation to ordinary people wouldn’t happen to the extent that is going on today, but this certainly is the case and I blame the Western responsibility for this and mainly my own country America as the lead belligerent. They are the ones who deserve the blame.

"US, Israeli 'dirty hands' behind conflicts in Africa"
2014-01-14 []:
A political analyst says the “dirty hands” of the United States and Israeli regime are behind the ongoing conflicts in South Sudan and the entire African continent, Press TV reports.
In an interview with Press TV on Monday, Stephen Lendman, a US-based author and radio host, described the deadly violence in South Sudan as “deplorable,” stressing that “the dirty hands of Washington and Israel are behind so much of this.”
Lendman also said the “belligerent” US government and its allies were the main reason behind the separation of South Sudan from Sudan in 2011.
Violence erupted in South Sudan on December 15, 2013, after President Salva Kiir accused Riek Machar, a former vice president who was sacked last July, of attempting to stage a coup. The fighting continues despite efforts to get the government and the rebels to begin formal talks on a truce.
On January 10, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the conflict in South Sudan has so far made some 43,000 people flee to the neighboring states, while 232,000 South Sudanese have been also internally displaced.
Around 10,000 people have also fled north to Sudan, making it the second largest recipient of South Sudanese refugees after Uganda, according to the UN refugee agency.
The analyst further described Africa as “the most exploited continent” throughout the history, adding that the Tel Aviv regime and its western allies are very much involved in the deadly crises in the African countries.
“If the manipulation didn’t go on for control of resources and regional dominance...most of these conflicts either would not happen or they would be much smaller ones,” according to Lendman.

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